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Why Businesses should definitely use Google Plus

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Google Plus originally began June 28, 2011 as an invitation only experiment and by September 20 of that year they had opened it up to any one 18 years and older. By January 26 2012 it became open to 13 year olds in the U.S., 14 years and up in South Korea and Spain and 16 and up in the Netherlands. It was a rousing success in every instance.

However, what about Google Plus for the business people? Is it really needed? The answer is a very big YES! As of 2013, Google Plus is considered as Facebook’s biggest competition and is fast approaching more than 500 million members. This makes it the second largest social media network online and that’s something that no business can ignore if they want to remain viable in today’s modern and fast paced online world.

What Makes Google Plus Important for Businesses?

With all of those 500 million people out there, a business should consider it as a gold mine for acquiring potential customers and traffic to their websites and stores. Google Plus offers them a chance to promote and advertise their products and services, as well as interact with their customers and others in their niche, and to join communities and circles available in Google Plus that can help them to get data and contribute data and watch their ratings rise in the Google search engine ratings.

By posting onto a Google Plus account page, a business can help to promote its brand name by linking their website or blog with their Google Plus page, as well as their Facebook and Twitter accounts. The more places you are posting information on your products and services, the more places that are helping your business to grow and become more well-known in your niche.

Use the Google+1 Button Often

Businesses can also benefit from Google Plus by putting a Google Plus button onto their website, blog, Facebook or Twitter account. This will get you more traffic and it is similar to a “like” on Facebook. This is a vital tool for a business because the Google search engine includes it in their factors for ranking and it even has a place in your Google Webmaster Tools account to show Google Plus stats.

Join or Create Communities in your business niche

Google Plus also has a Communities feature that businesses can use to their advantage. This feature lets anyone put together a group of people or “followers” who have the same kinds of interests or goals. Businesses can join in with their customers and interact with them to find out their needs, wants, and desires concerning their products and services.

A business can also join with others in its niche and they can help each other to learn about the newest happenings in their field, answer questions, and share other valuable data.

Use Google Plus Hangouts Wisely, Effectively

Another major tool that is good for a business involved with Google Plus is Hangouts, which are chat or video sessions in real time that can be used to invite people to meetings, training sessions and more. You could, for instance, put together a focus group on one of your upcoming new products or services and have up to 10 people in video mode or more in chat mode, to discuss the new items.

This feature is something Google Plus has that neither Facebook or Twitter has and that makes it special. It means that you have yet another good tool to add to your marketing toolbox to help you to get more traffic, more customers and ultimately more sales.

Post and Post Often, But Be Sure to Post the Right Stuff

Posting on Google Plus is different from posting on other social media because people on Google Plus are looking for serious content and useful information to help them to reach their goals and to learn about other businesses and future happenings and innovation in their fields. They don’t want to talk about funny cat videos or whose birthday it is. They want up-to-date and relevant text, pictures, and videos that can offer their followers the data and information they need.

Share the content you post on Google Plus, as well as the useful content your followers and circle members post and that too will help to promote your name and get your business more noticed in the virtual as well as the physical world.

All in all, it is indeed vital for a business, large or small, to join in the new social network platform of Google Plus and see just how it will help their business to grow and thrive. All you need is a Google account and you can login and start creating your profile and other pages right away. Don’t let this innovative and fast moving social network leave you behind if you want your business to be active and profitable far into the future.

Google Plus

High Quality Google Plus tricks

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If you own a business, then you need to be using Google Plus to help with your marketing needs. Google Plus is now the second most popular social networking platform and it’s vital to add it to your business toolbox. In order to use it properly and effectively, here is some high quality Google Plus tricks to add to your list of tools:

Be Sure Your Profile is Setup Properly.  The profile is your key to having a great Google Plus experience whether your business is large or small. That’s why it must be built right the first time. For instance, having a good headshot for your photo in Google Plus is vital so people can put a face to the name. Make sure it is a good photo, good resolution, and not grainy or blurry. You want that first impression searchers see to be a good one when your thumbnail pix shows up in the search engine queries for your brand or name.

Be sure to add a link to your website or blog if you have it, as this is a feature in Google Plus that helps you to stand out and get more traffic and notice to your websites, blogs, LinkedIn account, etc. You should also craft a good introduction when you describe yourself and your business so that you will sound interesting and knowledgeable in your niche and people will want to add you to their Google Plus circles.

Don’t forget to make your profile searchable. Look in your profile for “search visibility” and be sure that the box for “help others find my profile in search results” is checked. It also helps to get a custom URL so that you can use it to share your profile better. You can get one at

Share photos that are relevant to your niche. You also want to only post valuable and useful photos that add information to your text or can stand alone to show off some aspect of your business. Google indexes both text and photos, so you want to put your best foot forward when choosing the images to post. For instance, if you are talking about a brand new product, it’s a good idea to show a picture of someone using it or at least a close up of it so people can see what it looks like better.

Photos can work well to help people to visualize things that have to do with your business and its products and services, as well as helping them to put a face to the names of you and your employees.

Use “Circles” to connect with customers, prospective customers, etc. Google Plus circles are one of its very best features. It allows you to sort out the groups of people or other businesses that you allow seeing your postings based on their likes and needs. You can, for instance, make a circle for customers where you share new products, coupons, news on your business, etc., and you could have one for prospective clients that offers deal just for them, and you could even add another circle that is for your employees or one for your other business contacts.

All of this is much better than on Facebook because the individuals in the circles don’t have to wade through all of your posts to see the ones that are most relevant to their needs and likes. Circle members can only see what is in the circles they are part of and not all of the other info in circles they are not included in.

Be sure to Include Google +1s, Comments, and Shares. At the heart of all good social media marketing and networking lies the power of relationships. Social network platforms are all about giving you a way to interact with customers, employees, and other businesses in your niche. Be sure to share your content on Google Plus with all of your appropriate contacts, as well as using the Google +1 option, which is similar to the Facebook like to promote the thing you find useful.

Plus, get yourself and your brand better known by commenting on streams to interact with customers and other people in Google Plus pages in your niche. You can do this by offering new important data in your field, answering questions to build rapport, etc.

Don’t Forget to Use Hangouts. Google Plus Hangouts are a tremendous way to use chat and video to get yourself known, as well as to hold meetings, announcements, etc. Hangouts are used with circles, for instance, if you are holding training for your employees; just pick that circle to use to set up the hangout. For video you can include up to 10 people and for just chat, you can add more. It’s a real time app in Google Plus that is sure to give Skype a run for its money since it’s free to all Google Plus users.


How to use LinkedIn to Get Leads

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If you own a business, then one of the things that matter to you most is the number of leads you can get that could turn into profits for your company. Business people are always trying to find new ways to generate leads and get people interested in their products and services, and LinkedIn is one of the best and most efficient ways of doing that in many ways.

LinkedIn is considered to be the top social networking platform for professionals in the business world. With more than 200 million members, it is a powerful choice for making deals and discovering new prospects for building up your business with the leads you need to gain profits and stay in business.

Here are some of the ways that you can best use LinkedIn to get new leads and turn those leads into prospective customers that will help your business to grow and thrive for years to come:

Be Specific In How You Present Yourself to People

Being specific is vital if you want to be able to get leads using LinkedIn as your tool. The only way any potential customers are going to know what your business is and what it can do for them is to explicitly tell them who you are and what your products and services can provide.

This can be done by ensuring that your profile page is relevant and up-to-date with everything a potential customer would need to find out about your company. This would include your email, address, phone number, etc., as well as a professional and current photo of you so they can put a face to the name of your company. A profile is the first thing someone sees on your page, so don’t let it be the last thing because it wasn’t relevant or current.

Make Your Profile Different and Welcoming

Another fact about LinkedIn business profiles is that many of them are extremely boring. If you want yours to stand out and get attention from potential customers you have to do things like add a welcome video that starts to play when someone goes to your profile link. This can even include some real life testimonials from satisfied customers that will give you their recommendation.

However, don’t make it too sales sounding or you could lose potential leads. Just give some info about your company and tell them what it can do for them, not what they can do for you.

Don’t Forget to Add Your Websites

Some people create their LinkedIn pages and forget all about their business websites. It’s vital for you to customize the website section of your LinkedIn pages. LinkedIn lets users add URL links to your profile and it works best if you call them something better than “my website.” You need to give them some unique names that will attract potential leads to go and check out your site and possibly become paying customers who may even bring you more customers through their recommendations and endorsements.

Ask For Connections from Other Members

One simple way that could get you leads is just by getting more connections. You can find people you know that have accounts on LinkedIn and ask to connect with them. This can lead to getting even more names of people they are connected with and ultimately build up your leads listings.

Once you get some connections, you can help them out too by giving them some recommendations or endorsements if you think they have a good product or service. Be sure you can credibly do this, as it’s not ethical to do it just so you both can trade off on recommendations or endorsements. This can help you to get the leads you need to grow your business.

Use Your Groups

LinkedIn Groups are another great tool for helping businesses to get needed leads. Groups offer the potential of hundreds of people seeing information about your business and what it can do for them via your products and services. If you post relevant and interesting content that is up-to-date, plus interact with them in other conversations by offering data that they need, then this too could end up helping you to get leads that could turn into customers or clients.

LinkedIn is not going away. It’s growing steadily every day and your business needs this valuable tool in its toolbox to get the leads it needs to grow, thrive and be successful. Be sure to use it to your advantage.


The power of LinkedIn for Small Businesses

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Every small business owner is always on the lookout for more tools to help make their business more profitable. One way to do this through social media that you may not have considered is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a site for professionals and companies to share knowledge meet each other and interact in many ways.

LinkedIn was founded in December 2002, and launched a few months later in May 2003. From a start of only 350 members, it has grown to more than 225 million users in more than 200 countries and territories all over the world. Its members include many businesses both large and small and LinkedIn has become a fantastic way to beef up your business’ brand, as well as attract more customers and even help to hire professional and talented staff and crew members.

How Can LinkedIn Work For My Small Business?

Small business owners are using LinkedIn in innumerable and innovative ways. Some have discovered the power of tools within LinkedIn such as Company Pages and Groups, while others are finding new allies and partners in other businesses, as well as boosting the traffic to their websites through up-to-date and relevant postings of articles, photos and more.

Here are some tips and suggestions of ways that LinkedIn can work for your business, no matter if it is large or small:

Make Connections on LinkedIn to Boost Your Profits

LinkedIn is a great venue for sharing information about your business. Through your LinkedIn network a business can acquire followers and then get new connections through the recommendations of those followers. LinkedIn offers the power to form these relationships with professionals in your niche, as well as interested customers, all over the world. This can truly turn your company into a global venture where you can get hundreds or even thousands of potential sales all over the world instead of being restricted to your own location.

Keep Your Postings Relevant and Up-to-Date

It’s vital for a business to regularly post relevant and up-to-date information on what’s going on in their niche and what new products and services they are creating. The more posted, the more your business can be seen as the “go to” company in your niche. This helps your company to establish credibility in your field by you interacting with your followers through the answering of questions, participation in LinkedIn groups, and sharing all kinds of data that people truly want to know. Put a face to your company and get it out there on LinkedIn and people will start learning your name and how your business can help them meet their needs.

LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations Help Businesses to Grow

LinkedIn also offers what are called recommendations and endorsements on a business’ products and services.  These can be given by your followers or the people or companies in your Groups. It is similar to a Facebook like or a Google+1 endorsement in the other social media venues. Recommendations and endorsements are like word-of-mouth testimonials about your business and what it has done to impress someone or meet their needs. These tools help to make your business more credible and real and so they encourage others to try out your business and can turn potential customers into loyal fans and future clients.

LinkedIn Groups Can Forge Powerful Connections for Businesses

LinkedIn also gives you the ability to both form groups and join groups. You can search for groups in your niche and request to join them. This can help you to become noticeable in our field and to grow the brand name of your company through interaction with group members.

You can also form your own group and invite people to join it. This can be turned into a way to educate potential clients, potential new employees and other business professionals in your field about how your company works, what it does, what products or services it offers and why it is something they will want to know about. Don’t waste the opportunities to both join and form a group on LinkedIn or you will be turning away hundreds of opportunities to get traffic and interest in your company websites, blogs, etc.

Recruit New Members

Another sometimes overlooked tool for businesses on LinkedIn is finding great professional and qualified people to join your team. There are millions of professional workers in your niche with accounts on LinkedIn that may be just the type of people you are looking for to fill open positions in your company! You can learn a lot about them through their profiles, and through the recommendations and endorsements they have received from other LinkedIn members.

The bottom line is that having a LinkedIn account is vital to all businesses small or large, so don’t let this this great opportunity pass you by; make your account now!


The most effective ways to use Twitter

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Twitter users are sending tweets at a rate of more than 400 million tweets every day. That equals up to millions of opportunities for a business to engage their clients or potential customers. This makes it vital for a business to have a Twitter account and to be using it effectively every day.

But what if you aren’t sure exactly how to accomplish this? Well, here are some of the ways that your company can use Twitter more effectively so that it can benefit you in your marketing strategies:

Create Twitter Lists

Twitter is a huge social network platform with more than 500 million users, so it can seem like it is impossible to pin down what a business should be doing when they login to their Twitter account. However, there is a way to make your Twitter account more manageable, and that is through creating Twitter lists.

This means that you are going to go through your follower list and separate them into beneficial categories so that you can use them efficiently to put out news and information on your business. You can group them into categories like your coworkers, or those clients who have purchased one of your products, potential customers, or anything else that applies to your situation.

Monitor Your Followers

It is also a good idea for you as a business to know what is going on in the lives and activities of your followers. That way you will be available to comment on their tweets, as well as help solve any issues that pop up or read what they are talking about regarding your company or maybe even your competitors.

Some of the tools for making monitoring easier include HootSuite, Google Alerts or TweetDeck. All of these tools are free and let users monitor tweeter streams to keep up with what is going on. You can do this by searching for specific keywords or hashtags that you want to track that apply to your business. You just have to use these valuable tools to set up appropriate alerts so that you can be notified.

Involve Your Followers in Discussions

If you want to engage your clients and potential clients, then be sure to get your followers involved in your discussions. You need to make the tweets you send worthwhile and up-to-date so that they will want to interact with you and talk about the trend or new product or whatever it is that you want to talk about. Be sure the subject is actually relevant and exciting enough to warrant a discussion and this could help your business to get more attention and grow your brand.

Involve Your Followers

What about getting your followers to actually do your advertising for you? If one of your clients has a video or picture of themselves using your product and wants to post it, then take them up on it if it’s a good one. This way you can retweet their picture or video and both make them feel special and get some free advertising for your products or services at the same time. It’s a win-win for both you and your clients and can win you some future customers if it goes viral.

In fact, your business could go one step further and come up with a contest where customers submit photos or videos to you and you let them vote on which ones are the best. That will really get things going and help you to grow your brand. You can offer some sort of free product or service to the winner. It will be very worth the effort!

Put Out A Survey on A New Product

You can also use Twitter as a way to find out what your customers are thinking about one of your new products or services by putting a link to a survey. Then you get lots of feedback in a quick fashion and can use it to make any needed improvements or changes to what you are doing. It could lead to other things such as having discussions on the products and getting their opinions on the things you can do to meet your customer’s needs.

Have Fun During the Holidays

Let your followers know that your business likes to show off its holiday spirit by posting holiday related tweets on the holidays. No matter what holiday it is, you can make a little video with your business people wishing your customers a Merry Christmas or Happy 4th of July or whatever. It’s sure to get some reactions from your customers and spark some good will for your brand. Followers love to get involved with holiday activities and it’s a prime time to promote a sale or a new product.

So, take a hint and be sure to learn how to use Twitter effectively so your business will continue to grow and thrive by following the above suggestions.